RedZone Highlight: Slushies

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By Kristen Whitford
     “It’s blueberry heaven!” exclaims Sophomore Caitlin Alwine about the new blueberry slushie at the RedZone.

   Whether or not you’ve ever bought items from the RedZone, your next purchase there should definitely be a slushie.

   The new slushies have been tried and tested by many students at GHS. The two flavors offered are blueberry and strawberry, both of which have been described as a “great fruity kick.” Sophomore Jose Ledezma says he prefers the strawberry slushie over the blueberry, showing that students love both flavors. “I just love strawberry; plus, the taste lasts a long time.”

  RedZone slushies were released this past April and have not been available long; however, they are already creating a buzz around the school. After a filling lunch, this cold refreshing drink sure feels good going down.

 A majority of GHS students are already claiming slushies are one of their favorite items at the RedZone and should “stay forever.”

  While there are many positive reviews of the new slushies at the RedZone, there have been a select few students who believe the slushies could use a little more ice “The flavor is awesome, but there is a lot of it, a little more ice and you would think you were sipping a 7-11 Slurpee,” said Freshman Julissa Flores.

  However, It’s obvious that even students who hope for a little more ice are still buying these tasty, flavor-filled slushies and recommending them to their friends.

  So if you can scrape up a dollar, be sure to try a slushie from the RedZone. Slushies might not be around come next year, so better buy one now!



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