IDs, IDs, and more IDS

IDs, IDs, and more IDS

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by Emma Whitlow

Where’s my ID? Shoot. Forgot it again.

These are some of the most common words used when walking through the front doors of Goshen High School. Students can be found patting down their pockets, looking through their bags and frantically searching for that little piece of plastic.

So what’s the purpose of these things that hang around our necks daily? When and why did we start wearing them?

Junior,Casey Valdez, is glad that he remembered his ID this morning.

Junior,Casey Valdez, is glad that he remembered his ID this morning.

Dr. Barry Younghans, head principal at the high school says, “We have IDs for two main reasons. One being for the purpose of security and the second for courtesy. We started wearing them about ten years ago and having everyone enter through one door, when there was a local gang shooting.”

While Dr. Younghans makes a good point, some students believe that IDs are easily forgotten and can get costly when buying multiple of them.

During the year it seems many students lose or break their IDs. Sophomore Jacqueline Luna says, “My freshman year I bought ten IDs because they broke, got lost or I forgot them somewhere. Sometimes I don’t even know.”

It seems like even more of a waste when considering that at the end of the year many students just throw their IDs away anyway. Sophomore Maryna Kransnova says, “I keep my ID if the picture is good, but if it isn’t then I just throw it away.”

The ID cards do serve a fairly significant role in our daily lives as students of Goshen High School. According to the GHS handbook, “This card is used for a variety of actions including paying for lunches, and checking out books from the library. A student may be asked at any time to display the ID card for identification.”

Senior, Sara Yontz says, “The one thing that I remember from a GTV special about why we wear the ID cards is that they are our leash. Don’t remember anything before that or after that from that special. I just remembered that one sentence.”

So next time you are walking into the high school, just remember that even though the ID card can be annoying, there is a purpose.



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