What does your favorite candy say about you?

What does your favorite candy say about you?

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by Courtney Dobrzykowski

You’re sitting at home on a lazy Saturday afternoon, possibly curled up with the finest works of Ernest Hemingway while a lovely Schubert quartet is playing softly in the background. You take pause from your reading and begin to ponder; “Hmm… I wonder what my  favorite candy says about my personality…”

You’re in luck! The Tomahawk set out to answer just this question. You can let your minds rest easy knowing the finest thought in life has been answered!

If you’re like Vice Principal Anthony Harl and German teacher Jim Graves and your favorite candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, then you know exactly what you like in life — and have great taste at that! Your downfall arises in your general unwillingness to share; but who could blame you? Just think of all that creamy peanut butter and the smooth, decadent chocolate that melts in your mouth… Now wipe up that drool!

With 8 Reese's Cups, I still say it wouldn't be worth it to share!

With 8 Reese’s Cups, I still say it wouldn’t be worth it to share!

Or are you someone who prefers the simplicity (and tastiness) of pure chocolate? If you love Hershey’s Kisses, then you’re like sophomore Kyle Bloom. Just like this candy’s name, you’re a sweet person that can put a smile on anyone’s face. All you have to do is walk up to someone and give them a “kiss” to brighten their day!

Junior Abby Kragt’s favorite candy is Butterfinger. For all of you other Butterfinger lovers out there, you are probably a rather clumsy person. Your hand-eye coordination might not be up to  par; but hey, video games can help improve that! You also tend to have a rather biting (or crisp) personality, leaving you oftentimes short tempered. Overall, the deliciously crunchy peanut butter filling shows that you have a solid base, and you are likely to stay true to your closest friends.

Last, but definitely not least, if your favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids, then you are automatically cooler than the rest for one sole reason — you’re like me! You may have a slightly off-putting personality, but people who get to know you will be able to say you’re a sweet person! With all the sugar on the candy, it is also implied that you’re very energetic and hyped up a lot of the time.

Despite what your favorite candy may be, there is always a lot to be said about your personality. Just remember, there are exceptions to every case.

Your favorite candy not listed above? Here are a few more favorites:

Snickers – You’re not afraid to be who you truly are, and are a very likeable person. All you have to remember is if you’re ever feeling a bit grumpy, eat a Snickers! You’re not you when you’re hungry.

Hmm.. Maybe if Gummy Bears are your favorite candy you might have some anger issues, too!

Hmm.. Maybe if Gummy Bears are your favorite candy you might have some anger issues, too!

Kit Kat – Break time! You are to the point. You don’t like to spend a lot of time doing your work. You tend to be a procrastinator and are always looking for time to just sit down and take a break.

Skittles – You’re the life of the party! You like to show off your true colors and are oftentimes the center of attention. You’re friends with all sorts of people because you have such a wide variety of personality traits. You just love to have fun and fit in almost anywhere.

Gummy Bears – You’re a total goofball, but a lot of fun to be around. You’re generally energetic and just love to make people smile and laugh. You have a lot of fun with your friends and are always looking to have a good time.

Nerds – I think this one’s pretty self explanatory.


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