2015 Guide to the Best Prom Dress for You

2015 Guide to the Best Prom Dress for You

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by Elizabeth Rieth

Prom dresses. Two words when put together and searched on Google leads to thousands of results.

For the teenage girl, the dress for prom is a huge deal. She wants the dress to be perfect and to make her beauty shine out.

But to find the perfect prom dress, she might have to try on hundreds of dresses or look through thousands of dresses online.

To make the process easier I offer a guide to help you find the most flattering dress, a list of where to shop for prom dresses, and some advice from those who have already worn a prom dress.

The Best Dress For Your Body:

Mermaid Dress (picture from Pinterest)

Dress for Hourglass Body (picture from Pinterest)

Athletic Body: If you have an athletic body, you have what could be described as a boyish figure.If you have a figure without many curves then you should look for dresses that give the illusion of curves. Dresses like this could have fitted/clinched waists or color blocking. Also when shopping, be sure that, even when on the hanger, the dress has shape.

Petite Body: This body type could be described as someone with a “tiny shape.” A good way to compliment your tiny shape is to wear a short dress with heels of some type. A short dress and heels will make your legs appear longer. If you want a longer dress, choose one without a lot of fabric that hugs your body. You don’t need to overwhelm your body in too much dress.

Hourglass Body: Curves, curves, curves! If that’s what you have – you’re in luck. Almost any dress looks good on your figure. A dress that shows off your curves beautifully is a mermaid dress. However, a dress with tons of fabric that hides your curves is not suggested.

Empire Waist Dress (Picture from OK Bridal Dresses)

Dress for Petite Body (Picture from OK Bridal Dresses)

Pear Body: With this body, you have more in your lower half than in your upper half. To balance out your body, find a dress that brings out your top half. To help do this, use a dress with embellishments on the top. It is best to have the bottom of the dress be a flared out or textured.

Apple Body Type: The apple body is just the opposite of the pear, more in the upper half than lower half. The best dress to balance your body is an empire waist dress, especially an empire waist dress that flares out. But, it’s best to not bring attention to your midsection with a belt or similar item.

Plus-Size Body: With this body type, the options are endless. It is up to the dress buyer to decide what type of dress to wear. Basically, with this body, you decide what is your favorite part of your body and what part of your body you want to hide. For example, if you want hide your stomach, look for an empire waist gown.

(For more information go to Beauty Riot.)

Where to Shop:

(Picture from Prom Dresses 2015 Cheap)

Dress for Apple Body (Picture from Prom Dresses 2015 Cheap)

Online: These sites have thousands of dresses for you to look at. You can even customize your searches for dresses. You can look on websites to either find your dress or simply get an idea of what prom dresses you like.

Here are some good places to try shopping for your dress online.

  • Simply Dresses
  • Prom Girl
  • Nordstrom

(The school laptops block most of these websites so you might have to try looking online with other devices.)

Local Stores: Local stores are close and easy for finding a dress quickly. Here you can try the dresses on! Miss Indiana of 2014 even shopped at the local store, Ashley Rene’s, according to the Elkhart Truth.

Here are some good local stores where you can search for dresses:

  • Formal Affairs (23797 US-33 Elkhart, IN)
  • Stephenson’s (211 S Main St, Elkhart,IN)
  • Ashley Rene’s (655 Co Rd 17 #10, Elkhart IN)

Past Prom Dress Shopper Advice:

Still need more prom dress advice? These veteran prom dress shoppers might be able to help.

Dress for Athletic Body (Picture from Pinterest)

Dress for Athletic Body (Picture from Pinterest)

Junior Audrey Miller advises “Go with a color that best suites your skin. Don’t go with a dress that has layers – it will make you sweaty.”

Senior Kiersten Friesner suggests, “Know your body. Find other people with a body shape like yours.”  Friesner suggests to view various dresses on similar bodies in order to find one that complements your shape.

Friesner goes on to add when buying a dress, “find what flatters your own shape, not what flatters the models in the magazine.”

Senior Jenna Minier found her prom dress for free at an event called “Princess for a Night.”

“Princess for a Night” is an event hosted by The Junior League of South Bend and Ziker Cleaners. Elkhart Truth says the goal of the event is to “provide area high school girls with new and gently used prom dresses, free of charge.” (This tip will be best for prom dress shoppers in 2016 as Princess for a Night already occurred.)

Dress for Plus-Size Body (Dress from Prime Discount)

Dress for Plus-Size Body (Dress from Prime Discount)

You can also receive prom dresses at the Prom Dress Drive which was started by English teacher Robin Hershberger. Hershberger explains, “I accept donated prom dresses for students who are in financial need and would otherwise have to miss prom because they do not have the extra for a dress.” She goes on to say she even tries to find someone who will donate their time to do alterations for the dresses if needed.

To find your dress through the prom dress drive, you need to set a meeting with Hershberger by emailing her at  rhershberger@staff.goshenschools.org or stopping by room 2140.

Hershberger adds, “I set up private meetings after school, evenings, and even on weekends to look at the dresses and try on. I can also help students who are GHS students, but attending another school prom. I will be available all the way up until the day of prom, for any last minute arrangements.”



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