A New Start For Freshman

A New Start For Freshman

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by Gretchen Bontrager

High School. The words seem amazing to some as they have seen how it is portrayed on TV. To others, the high school may seem like a crazy place full of homework and stress.

Whether high school is what you expected or not, coming to the high school as a freshman can be a mind-boggling time.

The front of Goshen High School (Photo from toppublicschools.com)

The front of Goshen High School (Photo from toppublicschools.com).

While the only way to be fully prepared is jumping right into it, there are some other helpful tips that might make you feel a little better.

Tip #1: Stay Organized

Although this tip can be helpful for just about any situation, staying organized during high school is important.

One way to ensure you’re organized is to keep all of your school supplies in one place; scattering things around your house or room is an easy way to lose homework or books. Set aside a drawer or a section of your house/room where all the supplies for school that’s not already in your backpack or locker, can be in one place.

Another way to stay organized is to keep an agenda book. Maybe I was the only one who was upset about not getting an agenda book from school this year, but either way, buy your own and use it to keep track of what you need to do and when you need to do it.

The last way to stay organized is to have folders or binders for all of your classes. There is nothing worse than stuffing random papers in your bookbag and then a week later finding it again, all crumpled up and with a stain from who knows what. By keeping folders or binders, you will know where all your papers are and will minimize loses.

Tip #2: Manage Time Wisely

I know I’m not the only one who misses those summer days where all you have to worry about is who you will hang out with and what to eat. Jumping right back into a schedule of classes 6 hours a day and maybe an hour of homework a night can be difficult.

One way of making sure you are up and ready for school is to prepare your body for the early mornings. By taking the last week of summer to set your alarm clock earlier and earlier will make sure you won’t be late for school your first day, or any other for that matter.

The next way to manage your time is once again with an agenda book. Know what you need to do and get it done. Plan what assignments you need to get done in a night so you can allow yourself time for friends or whatever you do to relax.

The last way to manage your time is to not procrastinate! If you use an agenda book then you will know the satisfying feeling you get when you cross off the last assignment you have (until you get more). Instead of stressing over every assignment you have and staying up late into the night working, you can get all of your homework done after school and then have all the time you could think of without stress and worry.

Tip #3 Stay In School

As the last tip, I must say this one is the most important. You must realize that high school is an experience that everyone has to go through (except for certain circumstances) and no matter how much you hate it, everyone goes through it. Yes, it can be scary and yes, you may hate it, but there is nothing more important than getting a good education.

Don’t skip class and don’t miss more school than necessary. High school will get better, it isn’t scary once you get used to it.

If you follow all these tips and understand how important school is, you can have a fun and worthwhile experience.



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