Top Five Christmas Movies to Watch Over Break

Top Five Christmas Movies to Watch Over Break

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by Gretchen Bontrager

We all know the struggle of pulling up Netflix, feeling ready to relax and chill with some blankets and slippers, a cup of hot chocolate being the finishing touch… But, oh wait! Netflix only suggests the weird movies you have seen before and hate. And what’s even worse? When you look for a good christmas movie to watch and all you can find is Christmas with the Kranks which, let’s be honest, is good but super cheesy.

Here are the top five Christmas movies that you should watch this Christmas break:


2003, PG

Okay, I know, we all saw this one coming as #1, right? But seriously, this movie is amazing. I know many families who have the tradition to watch this movie every Christmas Eve. I am sincerely jealous of those families who carry that tradition.

Elf is about an orphan boy who travels back with Santa to the North Pole. He grows up not knowing he is human, but believes he is an elf. When he does find out why he is different than all the other elves, he decides to go on a search for his dad who lives in New York City. In the city he has a hard time adjusting to normal human life. It seems all he wants throughout the movie is for his dad to love him.

christmas story

The main character, Ralphie, from A Christmas Story cheesily grins (photo retrieved from

A Christmas Story

1983, PG

This movie is a bit older, but it has many memorable quotes such as “You’ll shoot your eye out!” It is a family friendly movie that is another classic like Elf.

A Christmas Story was originally a book but is now a movie about a young boy and his dysfunctional family around Christmas time. The young boy, Ralphie, spends the days before Christmas doing everything he can to receive a Red Ryder air rifle. He tries very hard recieve it by asking the mall Santa and sucking up to his parents. He also gets bullied by a kid who doesn’t have much Christmas cheer. Throughout the movie, Ralphie daydreams about him being a great little boy who defeats bad guys and is admired by everyone.


A Charlie Brown Christmas


This movie is one that I always will remember. Not only is Charlie Brown just a classic, but also is a great way for kids to learn that Christmas is not all about presents and there are deeper meanings to the fun holiday.

This short film is about how Charlie isn’t very excited for Christmas but takes Lucy’s advice and directs a play where he learns all about the true meaning of Christmas.

The Polar Express

2004, G

This movie has never been one of my favorites because I watched it too many times as a kid. It is a fun movie to watch with younger siblings or cousins. They will love the story that gives children hope.

The Polar Express is about a young boy who finds himself on a magical journey. He wakes up on Christmas Eve to find a train outside his home. He gets on and takes a trip to the North Pole where he meets Santa Claus. The journey shows him how amazing life can be if only you believe.

(Photo retrieved from

(Photo retrieved from

Home Alone

1990, PG

This movie seems to be very popular and for good reason. The movie is an old family comedy full of laughs and joy.

The story starts off with the main character, Kevin, being rude to his mom. Kevin is then punished by being forced to sleep in the attic. The next morning, the morning the family leaves for vacation, the family is in total chaos. Kevin’s family ends up leaving him behind. Kevin just assumes his wish that his family would disappear has come true. His plans to enjoy vacation without his family come to a sour end when he finds two men planning to rob his house. It is up to Kevin to protect his home.

These five movies are only a small selection of the amazing Christmas movies out in the world. May these movies can prepare you for Christmas and put you in the spirit of the holidays.



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