How to Choose the Right Classes For Next Year

How to Choose the Right Classes For Next Year

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by Grace Bickel

It’s second semester, so it’s time to choose classes for next school year. Choosing the right science class or art class can make or break a schedule. So how do you balance between electives and the necessary classes like English, math and science?

Here is some advice for those transitioning grades, and not quite sure what classes to choose.

Incoming Sophomores

Basically the classes you should cover are Economy (Econ) and World History. Econ is only a semester long and goes over the basics of understanding the economy, the stock market and others aspects of business. World History is basically what it says: the history of the world. This course tries to cover the entirety of history from the 1200’s to current day’s events.

You could try to take a class that interests you or maybe builds your knowledge. Classes like these are construction, where you build all sorts of thing, or Home Ec, where you can learn basic cooking and sewing skills.

Guidance Counselor Barb Reihl discusses scheduling with sophomore Joel Honey in January (Lord Muro/Talon).

Guidance Counselor Barb Reihl discusses scheduling with sophomore Joel Honey in January (Lord Muro/Talon).

Incoming Juniors

Juniors have more opportunities than most. Remember all those electives that were unavailable when you were a freshman and sophomore? Here’s your chance.

Ceramics is a three semester class that goes into the making of pottery creations and using a wheel. Interested in starting your own business, Marketing could be an option

IB and ACP classes are now available for the opportunity to gain college credit before college.

If you are planning on a Core 40 Diploma, this is your last year of math. If you are planning on a Academic Honors Diploma, you have two years of math left.

Try to branch out into courses that interest you. For example if you really like children, the daycare might be an option. Or if computers intrigue you, the computer programming class might be the choice for you.

Incoming Seniors

Ah, relax. It’s your senior year, your last year of high school. If you are choosing the Core 40 Diploma, you do not need math this year. For the Academic Honors Diploma, one year of math is required.


This can be in the form of IB Math, Pre-Calculus or another math elective. Besides that, it’s time to choose what you actually want to do.

ICE, an internship program, is always a choice. It gives you the chance to intern in careers that intrigue you. If you’re interested, talk to Brian Bechtel, the Cooperative Education Coordinator .

If you can, this is your chance to explore what you really like or what you don’t  Otherwise, try to make your schedule a balance of relaxing classes and maybe one difficult class.

Counselor Lindsey Kroening advises, “Always read class descriptions. It’s often difficult to move classes around. So don’t always choose a class that your friend is in. Try to think what classes could help you in the future or what classes you have to take before graduating. Try to get them out of the way as soon as you can.”



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