Promposals: how much is too much?

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by Hailey Kiser

Ethan Lloyd promposing to his girlfriend for prom 2016 (Hailey Kiser / Talon Staff).

How many promposals have you seen this year? More than you want to, probably.

Promposals have become a prominent staple in high school culture. In an epic showdown to get their promposals to go viral, fortunate students have started to go all out, spending hundreds of dollars to plan the perfect proposal. This brings up the question: how much is too much?  We go to GHS for answers.

“I think promposals are stupid,”  said Sophia Kirkton, sophomore. “Unless you’re not dating the person, then I guess they’re okay.”

“I think promposals are great as long as they’re not overdone,” said Anthony Beatriz, senior. “Like the Frozen Promposal that everyone did that one year was just annoying.”

The general consensus is that promposals have to be done right. It is preferred by everyone around the joyous event that your promposal doesn’t disrupt the general population. To avoid conflict, it is best to keep your proposal away from overpopulated areas such as parking lots, the commons area, or the hallway. Trust that the parking lot is hectic enough without your promposal displayed proudly on your vehicle, disrupting the mix.

“I think they can be cute,” said Hannah Weirich, senior. “They have to be done the right way.”

“They’re really cheesy,” said April Pollock, junior.

In 2017, one of the most expensive and maybe excessive promposals occurred: a guy bought an Apple Watch for his prom date. The Apple Watch promposal went viral across the web and put this lucky lady’s boyfriend out $400. In all honesty, this was way too over the top. Prom is expensive enough with tuxedo rental, dress rental or purchase, corsages, and the whopping $45 ticket purchase.

“They’re cute but some are dumb,” said Alissa Ley, sophomore. “If you spend more than 50 dollars on a promposal, you’re spending way too much.”

At the end of the day, your promposal shouldn’t be expensive.

Prom is fun and a great excuse to get dressed up and look awesome. But, that doesn’t mean that it needs to be a super expensive and excessive event. By all means if you have the money to splurge and that’s your goal in life, go ahead. Just try to keep other people in mind when you decide to pop the question.




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