Local haunted parks push out fresh new attractions and more

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by Pamela Alvarado  

  With Halloween just around the corner, everyone’s looking for a fun activity to do with friends on a night out. Why not visit some of the best haunted houses in the Midwest that we have right here in the Michiana area?

  Legend Park has been ranked as the best scream park/haunted attraction in the entire state, and 24 miles away we have Niles Scream Park that has also been ranked as one of the best in the state of Michigan. But what makes these attractions one of the best to visit during the fall season?

  “We have over 100 clowns in here,”  said Rick Singleton, owner of Legend Park, to The South Bend Tribune.  “So if you don’t like clowns, this is the place to be.” When it comes to putting in the effort for the final product, Legend Park definitely delivers. With over 5 different haunted attractions, Legend Park distincts itself by adding elements that other places don’t have.

  For example, Singleton is planning to have a haunted attraction that will end up being a 13 year- long story that will be part of one of the attractions starting this year, called Father Timeless Diaries. Another attraction Legend Park added this year will make it very intriguing for its participants as well.

  In the new post-apocalyptic maze called Rat Trap, participants will have to escape a maze and find keys along the way. It adds elements of horror, confusion, and fear all mixed into one. If you’re lucky enough, all of it might’ve been worth it. Some keys are able to get you free tickets for your next visit and even bigger prizes, such as two days at Disney World!

  On the other side of the state line, we have Niles Scream Park, another highly rated haunted attraction in the area. Niles Scream Park is highly praised for its staple attractions, such as The Niles Haunted House. The Niles Haunted House is the largest and most popular attraction that Niles Scream Park has to offer.

  It starts off with a long dark path that includes dense fog and jumpscares. Once you get into the house, there are over 100 paths you could end up taking. Each path takes you through different rooms that all have different sound effects, themes, and scares that are changed every year and are bound to keep you on your toes throughout your visit.

  All in all, we have two great haunted attractions right here in the Michiana area. Both are inexpensive for what they offer; Legend Park even offers a student discount to junior high students, as well as high schoolers. Niles also has incredible deals that include 3 to 4 attractions for as low as $30. Both parks are guaranteed to give you and your friends a good scare and will definitely make a night to remember.




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