Time is running out! Scholarships available at GHS

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By Wendi Camilo

  Are you a student looking for scholarships to make your college life easier? Here is a list of scholarships that you might qualify for! College and other types of post-high school education are much more easy with this extra financial help. All it takes in most cases is filling out an application or writing a short essay!

2019 High School Student of Integrity

  This is a $2,000 scholarship for students who set a great example in school for students and peers, as well personify a character of integrity. Two high school students will be selected to receive the scholarship by the BB Charitable & Education Foundation, but only one student will be nominated and accepted. Applications are at the guidance office and must be filled out and turned in by December 5, 2018.


  • Student must be a U.S citizen and a legal resident of IN
  • Student must be in the Spring 2019 graduating class

  For more information, please talk to your guidance counselor or contact BBB Communications Director Margo Riekes at 1-800-649-6814.

Women in Science Environmental Scholarship

  To girls who are thinking of pursuing the environment science field as a career, this scholarship is for you! This is a $500 scholarship for all female high school freshman through college seniors. You must have financial need, and submit one-page essay on ideas you have for helping the environment. You must apply and submit it by December 1, 2018.


  • Write a 350 to 500 word letter of describing the career path you choose, your own passion on why you chose that career.
  • Provide an official transcript from GHS
  • Complete an official application form and send a letter of intent

   For more information or if you have any further questions, send emails to ahieronimus@bladesofgreen.com.

Dollars for Scholars

  You’ve all probably heard of this program by now. But this program does find scholarships for all students and it only takes a few steps to complete your profile and find scholarships you are eligible for. There are many sponsors and programs who are willing to help students all across the U.S.,  and there are many scholarships to choose from.

  Pick a paper at the guidance office on steps on how to apply, and talk to your counselor for any questions you might have.

National Scholarships

  If any of the scholarships mentioned don’t interest you, there are reliable sources to help you find many scholarships available for any grade in high school and even transitioning to college or university. You can create your own profile to start your journey to success of any of these websites.




  For more help with these or any other scholarships, talk to your guidance counselor or Ms. Villalobos, the college coach. A lot of scholarship deadlines are quickly approaching, so start thinking about your future today!

Casandra Villalobos, the college coach, shows students where the scholarship materials are in the guidance office (Wes Keyser / Talon Staff).



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