New payment options for students may help Red Zone’s business

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by Wes Keyser    

   Each day at Goshen High School, students pile behind one another to get their Red Zone fix. The Red Zone has always been our go-to place for all our snacking needs, with delectable sweets and nutritious treats. It’s proven to be an innovative way for students to obtain goods that help them through their day, but is there still room for improvement?

   One main disadvantage of the Red Zone is the fact that students cannot pay for their snacks with their ID card, and the Red Zone only takes cash. This is something that many students hope to see changing very soon, as this has been proven to be inconvenient, and causes the Red Zone to lose quite a bit of income. Much talk about the Red Zone soon being able to serve any and all students via ID at GHS has brewed through the halls for many weeks now.

   “I think it’ll make the Red Zone a more attractive option for students,” said Cade Richardson, vice president of the student council and senior here at Goshen High School. “Many students don’t carry cash, which limits them from making purchases at the Red Zone. I think it should be accessible to anyone who would like to shop there, and this is a great way to allow that.”

  The Red Zone has also been considering many new and unique options for the future of its ever-growing food service, and is open to suggestions from students.

   There are many convincing reasons to let students pay with their cards. Perhaps the most convincing: it’s easy.

  “I think it’d be more convenient to allow students to use their ID cards for payment,” said Sam Linares, a senior.

   Though increasing the versatility of payment methods shows much potential for the Red Zone and their market, some students feel that this choice may additionally come with some disadvantages.

  The inclusion of ID cards in payment methods does not help students with free or reduced lunch, but it may be a good way to get students used to the process of paying with a card for things that they want. Using a card at the Red Zone could get students used to the way credit and debit cards work, as students would have to track their spending and their balance, being careful not to spend more than they have.



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