Esports comes to Goshen High School

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by Sophia Koshmider

From left to right: Ricardo Gallegos (10), Harajit Rao (11), Collin Ford (11), Jonathan Salgado (10) , Alex Combs (10), and Mr. Kratzer are seen playing League of Legends esports online in room 2040

The new realm of Esports has been spreading rapidly, colleges are recruiting and tournaments are offering large cash prizes to highly skilled gamers. This new movement of Esports has been gaining the attention of schools all around, so much so that new clubs are being created to participate in tournaments between fellow gamers.  

Surrounding schools such as Penn and Concord offer an Esports club and Goshen High School has also joined the movement by forming our own Esports club. 

The club is overseen by Mark Perry, the student applications specialist for Goshen Community Schools. The club meets Monday through Wednesday after school where they play Overwatch and League of Legends. 

“I feel Esports are important for two major reasons,” said Perry. “The first being that it’s an activity that will draw in students who do not participate in the traditional sports, and it allows students to have a chance to take advantage of this growing program after High School.”

The post-high school opportunities offered through Esports is something the club has taken an interest in. The club is offering insight to collegiate Esports by introducing students to collegiate Esports by bringing in Davenport University Esports head coach Colin Graham. He will discuss the process of college recruiting for member of Esport teams and the scholarships that are available for those pursuing Esports after high school.

“Esports is a very good way to build friendships while also learning how to strategize and communicate with each other,” said Oliver Biek, a freshman and member of Esports club. 

The club also hopes to improve their gaming options through fundraising and grants they hope to expand and improve their equipment. 

“We are trying to get a grant for nintendo switches” said Biek

As far as what the season has to hold is unknown. 

“Obviously it is our first year so it is hard to see how we will compare against other schools, but hopefully we will do well,” said Cormac Liechty, a Junior, referring to the season outlook when it comes time to compete with other schools.

All the equipment needed for Esports does come at a price and this is why they have been trying to raise money. With the money they raise they can further expand the games offered other than Overwatch and League of Legends.

This winter, Esports will be participating in the Indiana High School Esports Network Winter Season. Each week, teams will have matches against other teams from other Indiana schools.

If you are interested in joining Esports contact Mark Perry or go to room 2040 after school between Monday and Wednesday.



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