Rise of school spirit at Goshen High School sparks conversation around free admission

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by Brynn Shoup-Hill


It’s no secret that teenagers love free stuff.

The rapid rise of school spirit over the past couple months at Goshen High School has provoked a discussion from students and staff alike about a similar question: Why isn’t there free student admission night for every athletic event?

The logistics of these nights are more complicated than what most people think. The use of sponsors and other factors come into play when planning these events. 

GHS Athletic Director, Larry Kissinger, discussed the constraints and information about these nights. 

“Basketball games and football games those are our huge revenue makers,” said Kissinger. “And without getting $500 dollar sponsors it would be (for the twenty game season) more than $10,000 that the Athletic Department would possibly be out if we did not charge kids to get in.” 

Principal Barry Younghans acknowledges how the turnout of students on free nights is considerably better when compared to regular nights, and how the energy is a lot different. 

But he also recognizes how it can cause a problem. How can GHS offset the lost income from letting students in free to events?

“I think there are ways around that, ” said Younghans. “I do think that it would hurt because I think there are a bunch of kids that buy all-sport passes and those kids come ! If we didn’t have those we would lose that money. That being said, what we are doing with sponsors is trying to reach out to people in the community are willing to off-set that loss.”

For these free nights to happen, the athletic department depends on businesses to sponsor them and make a donation to cover the fees taken to run the specific event. Kissinger sees an opportunity for students to get involved and help try to achieve free nights. 

Kissinger has a suggestion for students. He said, “I think that probably the biggest thing students can do is, if they work for Walmart or Target, go to your boss and ask if they can sponsor a game, and then tell them to call Mr. Kissinger.” 

Staff and students could both work together to acquire more free nights in the future for Goshen High School.

While it might not be a quick process, it could significantly help keep the school spirit high and continue to succeed in our sports teams as well.



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