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by McKayla Rolon

Identical or fraternal twins, what’s the difference?

Identical twins are completely alike with the same hair color, eye color, height and gender. Fraternal twins are very similar, but can be different genders and heights. 

Identical twins are formed from a single fertilized egg that splits into two. Fraternal twins are two eggs that were seperated from the start. 

I myself am not a twin, but I do have fraternal twin brothers. They are very similar in hair and eye color, but are different heights. As they grow older they look more unalike, so what about other twins, is it the same?

Are you an identical or fraternal twin?

“Our doctor told us fraternal, but we think were identical since we look too much alike” said Caitlyn O’Neal. “Same eye color, hair color, same height, same body type, same shoes size.”

What type of questions do you get asked a lot?

“What is it like to be a twin? I always answer questions like, what is it like being you, because we don’t know what it’s like not to be twins. It’s like asking McKayla, what’s it like to be McKayla, like what do you say to that?” said O’Neal. 

Do you like being a twin?

“Yes I do, being a twin is awesome because I have a best friend for the rest of my life. Although growing up was hard because I couldn’t stop comparing myself to her and other people would do it naturally. Sometimes it was hard to not let that get to us, it was hurtful, but overall I am very grateful to have a twin” said O’Neal.  

Do both of you share the same interest?

“Yes. We both like harry potter, we both like art and we both enjoy sports. We played the same sports in high school and we played college sports together. We have similar personalities, so we find the same things funny. Certain things we enjoy, we can relate to, but we do have some differences because she’s going into the medical field, and I chose teaching .She likes warm colors, and I like cool colors” said O’Neal. 



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