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By Peyton Boughner


   On Wednesday of December 4th, 2019 us students went about our day in 3rd period checking our email, chatting with classmates and watching GTV. However, what would happen to that episode, many did not expect. 

The episode was made by the 2nd period class of last semester and was awarded by the Student Television Network, with “Best School Announcements Program for the Midwest Region” in the Student Television Broadcast excellence competition.

   Many schools from around the midwest are entered into the competition and our very own GTV has earned that award. Brian Sapp is the class instructor for GTV and also acts as the director of the GTV when filming the episodes. He was able to explain what the Student Television Network was looking for in their episode. 

   “So what they look for is excellent content and storytelling,” said Sapp. “ Integrate multimedia, high production value, technical skills, creativity and complexity, demonstration of journalistic integrity, on camera skills, writing and strong overall impact and professionalism with the categories we were judged in” 

   Many skills and lessons were learned over the semester that helped in making a big impact on the students to produce the award winning episode, and winning the award only adds to that. Mr. Sapp explained what the award helped teach the students. 

“I think it has taught the students that they can be successful,” said Sapp. “That they can create something that is high quality and learn how to work together and how to meet a deadline. A lot of those skills that you hear us teachers talking about” 

   Many students and groups at GHS have won awards throughout its history and GTV’s award is a welcome edition.

(Left to Right) Shawn Gratton, Anthony Swihart, Briann Sapp, and Mara Sensenig capturing audio and video for the next exciting episode of GTV on February 18, 2020 (Peyton Boughner / Talon Staff)



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