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by Caleb Tucker


Sometimes, it’s nice to get out of the classroom and take a vacation. When school is happening, the next best thing to a beach is the GMS swimming pool! The Life Skills students have enjoyed spending time swimming during their gym class this winter. Caleb talked to some of his friends and this is what they said about their time in the pool.


it was so much fun!!! – Kia Kurtz, 10th grade


I love to play in the water! – Daniel Burns, 12 grade


My favorite part is when we get to play volleyball in the pool. – Cherokee Wagner, 10th grade


I like to play with my friends and get out of school. – Lexi Wilson, 10th grade


I like that the teachers also get in the pool with us. – Tanner Powell, 10th grade


My favorite part was playing with the bouncy ball and using the kickboards. – Caleb Tucker, 9th grade

Caleb Tucker smiling for the camera for his Newspaper class



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