GHS students should be interested in Clubs

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by Paulo Montimor

Out of about 1900 kids in school, there were about 835 kids who were reportedly taking part in GHS’s extracurricular activities last year. Barely half of the school’s student body were part of the school as a community. So why isn’t the other half of the school taking part?

Clubs are unique because, in most cases, students are the ones in charge! Instead of having to listen to a teacher talk to you about something you don’t care about, clubs give you an opportunity to actively do things with your peers, and to have a real interest in the things you’re doing!

It’s hard to like something when you don’t have anyone to share your hobbies with. So why not join a club related to your interests?  Hobbies and interests are something that brings joy to everyone. Even better is sharing your joys with other people who like what you like.

Clubs are part of GHS and are part of our school’s spirit. Clubs are where you can go to further your interests, and not just by yourself, because there are plenty of people who might be interested in the same things as you.

   Clubs are more than that says Larry Kissinger, Athletics Director of GHS.

   “Great importance for community service, student leadership, and another way to connect kids in meaningful relationships with caring adults,” says Kissinger.

 Being in a club helps you be connected to other students you’ve never even met before. If you’re new or introverted or want to find some new friends, joining a club that interests you may help you find just the people you’ve been looking for.

   It also is a way to connect with teachers who have similar interests as you. By finding similarities outside of the classroom and the content that a teacher teaches, you can maybe find a way to like that teacher whose content you hate.


 According to Kissinger, you can join most clubs at any time.

   If you are interested in joining a club, you might be interested in EGaming Club, Art Club, Drama Club, German Club, or Multicultural Youth Alliance. There really is something for everybody!

   To find out more about the clubs you can join at GHS, talk to Mr. Kissinger or look at the Clubs bulletin board on the second floor near Mrs. Hicks’s room. Get involved!

Dru Mack sits in front of the French club students as they have just finished making masks and celebrating Mardi Gras on March 3, 2020 (Hope Peeler / GHS Student )



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