Katie Sowers second chance in pursuing coaching as a career

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by Sheila Herrera


Will female coaching rise in academic athletic associations? Katie Sowers had a great turn in her life in which lead her to become the first openly gay and female coach in the NFL SuperBowl.

As she aimed for scholarship at Goshen College she worked to get an assistant coaching position for the girls basketball team. However, the parents of the players did not like this idea of her being around their children knowing that she was open about her sexuality.

As she was seeking a position as a coach at Goshen College she was  denied, not by the college administration’s but the head coach. Not only did this upset her but her hopes of becoming a coach in her favorite sport were crushed. 

She stated in a CNN news article titled “49ers’ Katie Sowers is the first woman and openly gay coach in Super Bowl history,” “I was near tears. He gave me a hug,” said Sowers. “And he said, ‘It’s nothing personal,’ and I remember hugging him but being extremely upset. It was just something that I grieved about for a while, but I decided that I had to move on.”

 When rejected from Goshen College she hit a different path. Sowers then joined the Women’s Football Alliance, where she played eight seasons then got injured which  cut her season short. Afterwards she landed a job with the Atlanta Falcons. Before that, she was an athletic director for Kansas City.

When Goshen denied her dream as an assistant coach it not only broke her but it eventually made her strong. As she became the first openly gay female coach in the NFL as an offensive assistant coach. In fact the outcome of this denial at the beginning lead Sowers to a wonderful turnout in the end.

 Her second chance in becoming a coach spread news over the United States. Sowers landed a commercial with Microsoft becoming a hit in television commercials giving her a chance to spread her message. Not only giving hope but belief in what others around can do to accomplish the impossible.

Katie Sowers sitting on a bench during the first half of an NFL preseason football game in Kansas City, Missouri on Aug. 11, 2017 (Terrell Lloyd / via AP).



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