New York Trip: Once In a Lifetime Opportunity For Goshen High School Music Students 

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by Brynn Shoup-Hill

The Goshen High School music department surrounds the statue of John Harvard at the Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts just outside of Boston in March 2018 (Maura Weber / GHS Student).

   During Spring Break for the past, all of the Goshen High School Music departments, including: band, orchestra and choir go to New York city to compete and perform in their respective competitions. Students in all grades that are participating in any of the musical groups are invited to attend the trip.

With their state music competition that they have been preparing for, ISSMA (Indiana State School Music Association) right around the corner, all groups hope to use these competitions to prepare for that contest. 

But going on this trip is not just all work and no play, all the students have the opportunity to see all the iconic sights that New York has to offer. With groups only performing on Saturday and Sunday the time to see the places that they have planned is not limited at all. 

Katie Miller O’Leary, who is the GHS choral director at GHS, talks about all the possible sights the musicians have the opportunity to see while going on this trip.  

 “We’ll do some educational tours of the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Ellis Island.” said O’Leary. “ Then, we spend all of Friday during the day performing, so all eight out of the nine groups on Friday and then one group will perform on Saturday.”

 When going on this trip these groups have once in a lifetime opportunity to go to all the places already mentioned, and also being able to see a musical of their choice out of three options: Wicked, Phantom of the Opera and BeetleJuice.

Tom Cox who has been part of the GHS band program for more than 19 out of his 27 years of teaching music in Indiana. He talks about all the different opportunities that these students have when going on this trip . 

 “That’s kind of a once in a lifetime thing,” said Cox. “Most Goshen kids don’t travel to New York City a lot. But then we are going to go to the MET (The Metropolitan Museum of Art), I think we’ll also try to stop by the 9/11 Memorial as well.”

 But, the goal of this trip is not only to go and see all the famous places New York has to offer, but also get judged and get feedback from them in preparation for the ISSMA contests coming up for them. Also, they have the opportunity to see other groups from around the country. 

This whole trip is a very special opportunity for GHS students who participate in music to travel to new places and perform for different judges that will help them prepare for their state contest. While this trip does cost the students about $850 to participate in, it does give them a chance to travel and experience amazing new things while also being able to perform while doing those things. 




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