Should students take IB classes?

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by Shayna Snyder

How are IB classes and AP classes different? Do universities even recognize IB classes? Why should we even take IB or AP classes?
So first and foremost both IB and AP classes are a good investment for you to take. No one is better than the other, they just teach different things.
IB stands for International Baccalaureate, and about 1,662 universities in the US recognize it. State schools will usually give a generous amount of credits towards IB classes. While private and ivy league schools might not be as generous unless the class you take is HL level, which is a two year long course.
AP stands for Advanced Placement, and about every U.S. and Canadian university accepts AP scores for placement or credit. For State schools it is again the same only you will not receive as much as you might for an IB exam.
While it is the opposite for private and ivy league schools, they are more likely to give you more credit for AP classes, because they recognize them more.
Some people have said that since IB courses are more like the classes in university that it actually helps them decide on their major, as opposed to picking a major and then realizing that they don’t like it anymore.
People who take AP classes in high school are more likely to save money in university on average. This is due to them getting certain credits in high school. This also helps with flexibility in university, which can make sure you are not as stressed.
Overall IB classes can be harder and are more time consuming but can be very beneficial in the long run. AP classes are also hard, but are more recognized at universities. Both options come highly recommended as they will help you prepare for college!
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The first graph on the right is showing how many students took AP classes and found that it prepared them for Universities. The second photo on the right is showing on average how many students took IB classes in high school, and now are in US Universities (Poll done by SliderPlayer).



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