Tension at GHS 

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by Ke’Ajah Jones 


High school isn’t perfect. 

Sometimes there are situations that aren’t so pretty between students. I’m talking about drama and physical altercations.

Fighting at GHS has been pretty frequent lately. There has been a lot of controversy and unnecessary gossip about the fights. Both students and staff have things to say about it. 

“I think there has been a little tension,” said head GHS principal, Dr. Barry Younghans. “There have been some kids that have made some bad choices both in the building and online.”

Administration has tried their best to prevent the problems and resolve the ones that have already occured. There are many solutions for preventing conflicts from happening, but it’s not just the staff that should be trying to prevent it. 

Students don’t realize that they can inform teachers when they know things are getting out of hand. Most students believe that it will be alright, or that the fight won’t really happen. Others simply just don’t want to be involved. 

“Resolving the tension comes down to kids knowing about other kids,” Youghans said. “Treat other kids with respect no matter what choices they make out of school.”

The only thing the school can really control is staff being more visible and present. Another thing is removing kids from school, which is very unfortunate, as their removal from school will hurt the kids’ chances of graduating. 

Although principals dislike doing so they have to make choices that keep kids safe or hold students responsible for recurring bad behavior.

 In some cases this drama has been seen as being overexaggerated by students but that is not the case. Things are often said on social media where it may switch the facts or gossip about situations.

“Kids read stuff and then they post stuff that makes it worse,” Younghans said. “I don’t know if I would say it has been over exaggerated but it has been a problem.”

Fights and conflicts have been off and on, there have been times where there is a lot of drama and times where there is none at all. It all really depends on students and how they choose to interact with one another at school. 

“I think it runs in cycles, there hasn’t been problems these past two weeks,” Younghans, said. “ I believe we’re somewhat dependent on what goes on in the community.” 

Things outside school may affect the kids and unfortunately the negativity can make it into the building. 

In addition to the tensions in the building, on Tuesday, March 3rd, there was a homicide nearby GHS, at S. 9th Street, between Reynolds and Purl. 

 A 911 caller reported gunshots around 11 P.M. followed by several people carrying another person to a truck and leaving the scene. The police were also sent to Goshen Hospital when a man was admitted to the emergency room with a gunshot wound, and was later pronounced dead.

The Elkhart County Homicide Unit has begun an investigation into the fatal shooting. So far they have not located a vehicle or any people from the original scene.


   In the end, the administration wants a better environment for students and staff at GHS. Reassuring that kids are not alone and violence is not the answer is very important.

   Goshen High School is a place for education and unity.

   Stand up and be a leader doing great things for all the right reasons. 




GHS English Teacher


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