Varsity Football: Behind the scenes

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By Meelah Le


The varsity football team may seem amazing, but the magic doesn’t happen overnight. Our team is at the field practicing multiple times a week for hours at a time in order to improve their game. Even during off season, they still workout and practice the game they all love. These players put in lots of hard work, time and dedication to get to where they’re at now, and there’s no stopping them.

“You’re doing multiple things at once. You’re focusing on the coach, what you’re doing on the field and taking hits,” Max Krider, a junior said. “You’re feeling pain. It’s hot and you’re thirsty but it isn’t as bad because you’re with your teammates.”

Mr. Park is the head coach of the football team and his love for the sport is like no other. When asked about his favorite part about coaching, Mr. Parks said, “The commodities that you have with other staff and kids because you have the same goal. I also love seeing the kids succeed.”  

I had the opportunity to attend an after-school practice and got to observe the players while doing what they do best. Even while practicing, you can truly see how they aim to better themselves and the team connection. They take feedback from coaches and fellow teammates with a nod and turn around to play their best.

Another player, Adam Ellison, hasn’t been playing football for his whole life. “I first became interested in 8th grade. I never played before but some of the coaches reached out to me,” He said. “I’ve been playing ever since and I love it. If you’re new, go all in and stay committed.”

I asked Krider what advice he would give to a brand new player and he said to trust yourself. “Don’t overthink things, just play. It’s hard to understand but trust your instincts. If you put in the time and practice, you’ll get results.” 

The next home game for Goshen is against Concord on Friday, September 17th. The theme is jersey night. Bring your GHS I.D. for free admission. Hope to see you there!




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