What Underrated Music Is GHS Listening To?

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By Selena Collazo-Guevara

  Is music your whole reason for living? Is there one artist that you feel like absolutely no one else knows about?  What music is common among GHS students?

  Music varies from person to person so someone could love a singer like Ariana Grande but dislike a band like Fall Out Boys. Some students have told me about the underground music they listen to. I created a playlist (link will be included at the end) with most of the artists from the students as well as adding some of my own.

  “They (The Aces) are so cool, they are mainly lesbians and they are female-fronted” explains senior, Shadai McMasters. “Basically they are the female version of the 1975”. 

  I took the time to listen to a few of The Aces songs and for anyone who likes bedroom pop or indie type music this band is for you! On Spotify, they have a little over one million monthly listeners which is not very many compared to other mainstream artists. The Ace’s music is great for working on homework. 

  An artist that I personally listen to that is similar to The Ace’s is Bryce Xavier who has many good songs such as “Romeo” and “Two Strangers”. His music is also very good for relaxing and doing simple tasks like painting or cleaning a small mess or even when you just want to lay down and think about your entire existence.

  “He (Rod Wave) speaks facts” emphasises junior Dametria Bennet. “He resonates with people”.

  Another artist who “speaks facts” and resonates with her audience is Penolope Scott. Both artists talk about real world issues but I would highly recommend not listening to them at school because both are explicit. 

  Rod Wave sings in the rap genre. His music seems like good music to listen to while driving. I usually do not listen to rap but Rod Wave has become my new exception. 

  Penelope Scott is more of an alternative artist. Her music typically talks about some issues with our government as well as just issues that she has noticed about our society today. I love listening to her music while screaming the lyrics on the top of my lungs and cleaning my room, which is always a mess. 

  “I don’t really know because I listen to multiple artists and so it is hard to tell,” explains senior Mercedes Lara. “Probably 5 Seconds of Summer”.

  I understand that 5 Seconds of Summer is well known to some people but not everyone knows them. 5 Seconds of Summer is considered a rock band but I consider them more of a combination of pop and rock. The few songs I have heard by 5 Seconds of Summer are good songs to jump around and dance to. 

  Simone is an artist whose music is in many different genres. There are a variety of genres out there to listen to and so many artists you may not even know exist yet. 

Check out for all the mentioned artists and the Spotify version does contain the explicit version of some songs.




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