Meet Our Team

Pamela Alvarado is a sophomore journalist, photographer, and web publicator. She wants to study videography and photography at New York University. Pamela is passionate about reading and writing and takes diligent time to love and appreciate all genres of literature.





Wendi Camillo is a junior journalist and photographer. Wendi is best known to her classmates for her creativity and ingenuity. In her free time, she loves to make crafts, spend time with family and friends, and creative writing.





Irish Cortez is a junior journalist and photo manager. Irish enjoys theatre and drama, dancing, playing the violin, and watching cartoons in her freetime. Despite her unserious nature, Irish is a hard worker and aspiring writer. Her favorite shows are Rick & Morty and Steven Universe. She enjoys listening to a wide variety of music, including rap and indie. Her favorite band is Twenty One Pilots.





Megan Gallagher is a sophomore layout designer, journalist, and edit gopher. She isn’t sure what she wants to do with her life, but whatever she does, she hopes that she is helpful to others. Her favorite food is pasta and she enjoys sports like volleyball and basketball. She is also part of track. She wants to be an elementary school teacher.





Wes Keyser is a senior journalist and copyeditor. Wes has a love and passion for science and math and wants to pursue a degree in astrophysics at Indiana University Bloomington next year and eventually pursuing a doctorate degree in astrophysics at Stanford University. In his free time, Wes enjoys tabletop gaming. Wes enjoys writing stories and helping the community and its youth.





Lucy Kramer is a sophomore journalist and copy editor. In her free time, she enjoys playing soccer and tennis and traveling. She enjoys going to concerts and seeing new places. She loves to read and write. When she graduates, she wants to go to college and see the world and find a job she likes. Her favorite band is the Beatles.





Andres Ledesma is a junior journalist and personal social media director. Andres enjoys music and actively participates in choir. In his free time, Andres enjoys solving puzzles applying cognitive skills to real-world problem and brain-stimulating games. Andres wishes to go to IUPUI to pursue a mathematical degree, such as economics. His favorite book is To the Moon and Back, by Karen Kingsbury. He practices magic in his free time and enjoys musicals like Sweeney Todd.





Madison Miller is a senior journalist and photographer. Madison is a student who works hard on everything. She enjoys singing and enjoys the French language. She plans to attend Florida Gulf Coast University to study marine biology. She is part of the Drama Club’s costume crew and enjoys listening to Panic at the Disco.





Hazany Palomino is a sophomore layout designer, journalist, and edit gopher. She enjoys being helpful to others, loves animals, running, playing the violin, and listening to music. She is part of the school’s orchestra. After high school, she plans on attending Penn State University, University of Oregon, or UVA to become a social worker or an immigration attorney.





Zulma Rodriguez is a junior journalist and layout gopher. Zulma loves music, sleeping, and watching Netflix. Zulma wants to go to college and study psychology. In her free time, she enjoys listening to hispanic and cultural music.





Spencer Schultz is a senior journalist at the Talon with a knack for writing. In his free time, he enjoys writing, tabletop gaming, video games, and studying sciences like physics and chemistry. After his time at Goshen High School, he wishes to attend Indiana University South Bend to pursue a degree in journalism.





Eliana Spitler is a junior journalist and copyeditor. Eliana is a literate mind who uses acting as an outlet. Besides acting, Eliana enjoys music. Eliana is building proficiency in guitar playing and singing. After her time at Goshen High School, she wishes to go to college and obtain a degree in musical theatre and eventually end up in Chicago or Stratford, Canada.





Noemi Vela is sophomore journalist and layout designer. Noemi is known for her friendliness and compassion. She loves to help and support people, enjoys being around younger children, and loves reading. Noemi plans to major in nursing and minor in pre-med and wants to become a nurse.





Anika Yoder is a junior journalist and caption writer. Anika loves to read and write. Her hobbies include playing trumpet in the school’s band and cooking. She isn’t completely sure about what she wishes to pursue, but she does know she wants to study something related to English or journalism.


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